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The things that trouble us may seem to be arbitrary, but they often have a meaning that relates to the individual’s experience. When we are able to uncover this meaning, our symptoms lessen and fall away. Most of us encounter difficulties at some time in our lives. Often we find a way to work through them, but sometimes they can return or overwhelm us. Some people contact a therapist because they are facing a crisis, whilst some may be getting on with their lives but feel stuck, or troubled by something known or unknown about themselves.

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For some, seeking therapy is about making changes in their lives, whilst for others it is a response to something that has happened to them, leaving them confused or unable to address their new situation. This could be facing a redundancy, for example, or the loss of someone close, or looking forward to becoming a parent, only to find feelings of depression, confusion, or ambivalence, when a new baby is born. Occasionally someone comes to therapy not knowing the reason, only to find it emerges later, during the treatment.

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Working with one of our counsellors you will find a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space in which to discuss past and present issues. Once those issues are explored and understood, you are then able to consider ways to positively address them and their impact on your life.

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