"Today Is Another Day To Improve"

Qualified Integrative Counsellor

Hello and welcome to Essence Counselling.  My name is Shenner and I am a qualified integrative counsellor. I believe that each person is unique, and I therefore adjust my therapy to suit the individual needs of those I see. If you are on this page, then you may have reached a point in life where you feel that having someone to talk to could help.

Essence Counselling - Clacton on sea, Weeley
Essence Counselling - Clacton on sea, Weeley

Taking Your First Steps

There are many reasons people decide to take that first step. Perhaps there are mental health issues, relationship troubles, bereavement, anxiety, past trauma that is interfering with you moving forward or a thought that life would be easier if you could make sense of things.  I offer a safe warm non-judgemental environment where I value and respect you and in which you can develop self-awareness and self-acceptance.  The first session will be an opportunity for you to talk about anything that may be helpful and if we agree to work together further appointments can be made.   Choosing the right therapist is very important so please feel free to call for a chat and see how you would like to move forward.

Counselling Sessions

I am highly trained, experienced and qualified to help you explore and manage your thoughts, feelings and options as you make decisions about your care.

It’s important to know that i do not offer you advice, but instead help you deal with issues and realise your coping strategies.

No matter what you’re struggling with, i will enable you to make the decision that’s right for you.

Why Counselling?

The things that trouble us may seem to be arbitrary, but they often have a meaning that relates to the individual’s experience. When we are able to uncover this meaning, our symptoms lessen and fall away. 



Counselling Approach

Through speaking with a therapist we can gradually bring to light the conflicts and fears that underlie our suffering. This can be an emotional experience — also an inspiring and stimulating one — which can enable us to discover new ways through our difficulties. Then we can discover what works best for us and become more confident and more grounded in the choices we make in life.

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"Moving forward requires that one first take a step"